Pre-arranging a funeral is the process of planning a funeral before the need arises. A family has the opportunity to discuss the various options available to them without the stress of the unknown at the time of death. People pre-arrange a funeral for a number of reasons. Some people do not want to have to make their children decide the type of funeral they want. Other people want to make sure their wishes are upheld. While others just want to make sure that there will be finances to cover the cost of the funeral.

Pre-Arranged Funeral: the majority of the decisions have been made, but funeral expenses have not been paid.

Pre-Paid Funeral: the majority of the decisions have been made and funeral expenses have been paid.

If you choose a pre-paid funeral, Radzieta Funeral Home uses Choices, the New Jersey Prepaid Funeral Trust Fund, to establish the pre-paid funeral account. The cost of the funeral at the time of pre-arranging is subject to change due to inflation. The interest accumulated in the account is used to cover any increase in the cost of the funeral. If there is more money in the account than needed for the funeral, the interest is refunded to the family, except for certain cases under the Medicaid laws. There are no additional costs to pre-arrange a funeral.

If you would like more information, please feel free to email me with any questions that you may have. If you would like to pre-arrange a funeral, please call us at (609) 465-7458 to set up an appointment or you can get started immediately by filling out our online pre-arrangement form.